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Explore the difference between lash lift and lash extensions

Updated: May 24, 2023

Eyelash extensions

In the form of individual synthetic hairs that are put to the natural lashes one at a time with an adhesive, eyelash extensions are a cosmetic improvement for natural lashes. The Eyelash extensions Caringbah are available in various lengths, thicknesses, and curves to create a personalized look, and they can be fashioned from synthetic materials like nylon or silk. Eyelash extensions are designed to make lashes appear longer and fuller without the use of mascara or other products. Depending on the aftercare and upkeep, getting eyelash extensions normally takes between one and two hours and can last for several weeks. To preserve the ideal appearance and replace any lashes that have naturally fallen out, touch-up appointments could be required.

Lash Lift

On the other hand, a lash lift, also known as a lash perm, is a semi-permanent procedurethat uses silicone rods and a chemical solution to improve natural lashes and give them a lifted curled appearance. Lash coloring is a low-maintenance procedure that doesn't need daily care. For individuals who wish to lengthen their lashes without utilizing eyelash extensions, it's a good alternative. During the treatment, a lifting lotion is applied to the lashes, which loosens their bindings and reshapes them. Then, a setting solution is used to set the new shape after the lashes are mounted on silicone rods. It takes 45 to around an hour to complete the operation. Longer, fuller, and more lifted lashes are the end effect. Depending on the length of your natural lash development cycle, the benefits of a lash lift may last up to several weeks. This might not apply to everyone. To lessen the chance of lash damage, this procedure should only be carried out by a qualified and licensed practitioner.

Lash lifts and eyelash extensions

The following are the primary distinctions between lash lifts and eyelash extensions:

1. Application

Individual synthetic strands are attached to the natural lashes using an adhesive to create lash extensions. On the other hand, Lash Lift Cronulla uses silicone rods and a chemical solution to lift and curl the natural lashes.

2. Results

With longer and thicker lashes, lash extensions give eyes a full and dramatic appearance. By lifting and curling the natural lashes, lash lift enhances your lashes by giving them a more subtle and natural appearance.

3. Longevity

Depending on your natural lash's development cycle, lash lifts, and extensions both typically last for a few weeks.

4. Cost

The cost of lash extensions varies depending on the service you want, the type of lashes you want, where you go, and how well-known the salon is. Lash lifts often cost less on average than other cosmetic procedures. Lash lifts don't require monthly in-fills like lash extensions do.


The benefits of Lash Lift Service in Caringbah include their long-lasting effects, lesser cost, and hassle-free aftercare. Because of its adaptability and overall good factor, extensions stand out. We hope you agree that our Vali Lashes Salon is a place where you can come and rest and be pampered because it is decorated in feminine tones and features lovely scents and lighting.

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